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Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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After going through a storm most Illinois homeowners are left dealing with water damage problems. There are a few things that match the kind of damage a homeowner has to deal with after a flood.

What To Do Before and After a Storm

Since we cannot prevent all floods, you must take the necessary protective steps before and after the storm. It is a good idea to have water damage restoration experts on your side and Fresh Page Home Improvement is here to help.

When it comes to flood water, always remember that the water will have contaminants. For this reason, the restoration process is best handled by professionals. It is also important that damages caused by floods are handled immediately to avoid greater problems later on. Our experts are always on standby to help with the restoration process and all you need to do is give us a call.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Once the water starts receding, we will start our professional flood restoration process on your property. The following are the steps we take for maximum and safe restoration after a flood:

  • We will start with pumping out the excess water to assess the situation better and check the damages caused by the floods.
  • Our experts will help identify furnishings and items that are beyond repair and remove them from the property.
  • We will clean your property and decontaminate it to ensure that any contaminants left by the flood water are eliminated.
  • Our experts will assess the building’s structural integrity to make sure that there are no damages that can cause problems now or in the future.
  • Your property will be completely dehumidified to ensure that there is no moisture left. Without this process, the remaining moisture might cause damage over time and encourage mold growth.

Once these processes are completed, it is important to check the utilities in the building before you start using them again. It is recommended that you have a plumber, a gas expert, and an electrician check all the systems to make sure they are safe and functional.

Water Damage Repair

Dealing with the flood water is just part of the process. Once all the water is eliminated, you will enter into the repair phase. It helps to have professionals walking with you through these steps for a safe and restored house. Our experts will not only deal with repairs and restorations after the flood, but they will also ensure they put measures in place to prevent some of the damages in case of another flood.

Why Choose Us

Our business is to make sure that we restore your home after a flood and bring it back to where it was or better. Our experts are highly trained and experienced in handling water damage restoration services and you can rest assured you will get the best.

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