Fire Damage Restoration & Cleanup in the Greater Chicago Area

Fire Damage Restoration & Cleanup in Chicagoland

Fire repair west dundeeWhether in an Illinois home or in a commercial building, a fire is a traumatic experience. Apart from the trauma, fires leave behind a trail of damage and destruction of property. This damage will not stop with the fire. Once the fire has been extinguished most people look at the damaged property and forget about the unseen damages. Acting fast to prevent further damage with fire damage restoration & cleanup can help a great deal in preventing further loss and greater damage.

At Fresh Page Home Improvement, we are always ready to provide the best fire damage restoration services geared towards preventing further damage and saving your residential and commercial property.

According to statistics, there is a structure fire reported every 65 seconds. The local fire departments and first responders get to the scene immediately to deal with the fire. Once the smoke clears, our professional fire recovery experts will start the restoration immediately. This is to make sure that what the fire leaves behind does not continue damaging the structure and property.

Our Professional Fire Restoration Services

In fire recovery, the first 24-48 hours after the fire is put out are the most important. Our experts work fast to make sure that they recover as much property as possible. The smoke damage and acidic soot the fire leaves behind play a major role in accelerating the corrosion and damage of the structure. If the fire was put out using water, there must be special recovery processes to dehumidify the property. Also, the smoke will leave behind an odor that needs to be deodorized.

Fire Damage Restoration Process in Illinois

We follow a system to make sure that we recover as much property as we can and restore the house or commercial building back to its glory and better. Here are the steps involved in our fire restoration:

  • The first step is usually assessing the fire damage and this involves looking closely at the property and contents affected by the fire and extinguishing process.
  • Once the assessment is done, our experts take the necessary steps to make sure that anything that can cause further damage is handled promptly.
  • The fire leaves behind contaminants such as soot, smoke, and dust and this must be decontaminated professionally.
  • The last step, which is the most important, involves restoring the property and it’s content to what they were before the fire. This also includes repairs, roofing replacement, and painting.

If you have gone through a fire disaster, it is important that you work with fire restoration experts who will help you bring your home back to its former glory and also handle all the unseen damages.

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Our experts are fully trained and highly experienced in dealing with fire damage restorations. We work together with local fire departments and first responders to make sure that the fire extinguishing and restoration process goes as expected.

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