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The roof gives your home the overall appearance. However, in most renovation projects, the roof is somehow ignored. A unique roof can change the general appearance of your house and give it more value if that is what you are going for. The right roof can offer you more space, better temperature control and the right protection. Since the ideal roof has a great deal of advantages, it is important to weigh your options and work with professionals in roofing repair, installation, and replacement.

Professional Roof Installation

If you are building a new home or a new structure that requires a roof, you need professional roofers on your side. We are experienced in working on different roofings styles and will ensure that the new installation protects your home and gives it an appealing look that reflects your taste. If you have no idea what you should choose, our experts will help you through the process.

Expert Roofing Replacement

Some roofs, after serving homeowners for years, need complete replacement. This is a process that needs to be handled professionally and carefully. At Fresh Page Home Improvement, we provide high quality roof replacement services aimed at changing the face of your home and ensuring that the new roof is properly installed and lasts long.

Professional Roof Repairs

Sometimes your roof might still be in good shape but a small section is compromised. Once our expert inspects the damage and determines that it only needs repairs, the experts will use high quality roofing supplies and their experience to repair the section and make sure it does not bother you again.

Work With Our Trained And Experienced Roofers

Whether you are looking for roof installation services, roof replacement services, or roof repair services, working with our experts will give you the results you desire and more. Our experts are experienced and stay up to date with modern designs and constructions to give you the best services.

High Quality Roofing Materials

To ensure that your roof lasts long and protects the house under it, we only use the best materials the market has to offer. When we combine this with our quality craftsmanship, we are able to provide the best roofing service you can get.

Kitchen Remodeling 

Are you building a new house and would want an elegant kitchen? Are you looking for new kitchen ideas for your kitchen remodeling project? Well, you have come to the right place. Fresh Page Home Improvement is dedicated to providing professional kitchen construction and remodeling services. We offer high quality services that cover classic kitchens, modern kitchens and any type of kitchen that you would want in your home or commercial property.

Over the years, Fresh Page Home Improvement has been providing stylish kitchens with exquisite countertops, cabinetry flooring that give your home a different but attractive finish. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and you want it at its best. Our kitchen remodeling services will make sure that you have a functional kitchen that reflects your taste and preference.

To provide the best services, we make sure that we follow principles that are designed to leave our clients happy.

We Can Work On Any Kitchen

Whether you are going for the vibrant modern kitchen designs, or the cool classics, we have got you covered. Our team of kitchen remodeling experts will handle the project professionally, making sure that your ideas are implemented in every step of the way. If you feel like you have a special design that you would like in your kitchen, talk to us and we will help you actualize it. The following are some of the kitchen services we offer:

  • Kitchen Design Services
  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation
  • Kitchen Countertop Installation
  • Kitchen Floors
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Kitchen Appliance Installation

We Only Work With Professionals

The results of any kitchen project are as good as the hands working on it. This is why we only work with experts in handling all our kitchen projects. We have experts trained in handling countertops, cabinetry experts, floor specialists and professional plumbers. These professionals work together to make sure they provide a holistic kitchen remodeling experience like no other. 

High Quality Materials

With the high quality craftsmanship we provide, the equation can only be balanced by high grade materials. We believe in durability and only work with high quality materials and fittings to make sure you do not go back to repairs any time soon. If you are not sure about the materials you need, our experts will walk you through the process of choosing the best kitchen remodeling materials the market has to offer.

Licensed And Insured

We believe in following the law and in safety. This is why are are licensed and insured kitchen contractors providing professional services in a safe legal environment. Our projects are completed following the local and state regulations. We also know that your property and our teams need to be protected from damage and injury. This is why we are insured and it means you have nothing to worry about.

Call Us Today For A Kitchen Design/Remodeling Quote

If you are planning to build a new kitchen or remodel your old kitchen, give us a call today and we will help you through the estimate process. Working with us means getting the best kitchen designs and kitchen remodeling services.

Painting Services

Are you looking for professional painting services? Look no further than Fresh Page Home Improvement. At Fresh Page Home Improvement we go above and beyond our client’s expectation by providing the best residential and commercial painting services. We always strive for a perfect finish and leave your space spotless clean after handling the job.

To better understand how we manage to run a satisfactory painting service, here are the core values behind our success:

Licensed And Insured

To serve you professionally, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our services are licensed and safe. This is aimed at giving you the best services above industry standards while ensuring your space and our team are protected. We provide painting services in accordance with the local and state regulations for safety and quality. Choosing to work with us is a zero-risk decision in relation to your property because we are an insured painting contractor.

Highly Trained And Experienced Team

To make sure that what our client gets is what we promise, we only work with highly trained painters who have vast experience in handling different painting jobs. They understand their work and will provide the best solutions that will work with your home or commercial property. After they are finished their painting task, they also clean the spaces involved to leave your property clean and fresh.

Client Satisfaction First

Though we are a pairing business, we value our clients’ satisfaction most. This is why we go out of our way to provide a satisfaction guarantee that protects you. We will not rest until you are satisfied with the work we have done. Our team of expert painters will not just come to your place and start painting. They will work with you and listen to your vision and ideas and implement them to give you the results you want and the professional finish you deserve.

High Quality Paint And Supplies

We are not in this business to make money only, we are in it to leave a legacy. We believe in our workmanship and to make sure that we deliver the best painting services, we only work with high quality paints and supplies. There is no need for high quality paint workmanship that does not last. Our paint selection is based on quality, appearance, and durability. This is the legacy we want to leave behind.

Every Painting Project Is Special

Our team of professional painters has handled multiple painting projects from residential painting, commercial painting, and institution painting. Through all these projects, we have handled each one differently according to the needs of our clients. Once you choose to work with us, you have chosen professionalism, quality, durability and satisfactory painting services. 

Call Us For A Quote Today

We believe in honesty and openness. You deserve to know the approximate cost of your painting project and we are ready to give you a painting quote. Whatever painting project you have, call us today and we will take you through the painting process. Work with us for professional, visually appealing, and durable painting services.

Bathroom Remodeling 

A good bathroom design makes sure you have a good time in this private room. Your bathroom is an important room that requires comfort and visual appeal. Fresh Page Home Improvement provides elegant bathroom designs and bathroom remodeling services. Whether you are looking for a modern bathroom design or a classic bathroom, we will make sure that your new bathroom will reflect your taste and preference. 

You can trust us to provide the best master bedroom bath services, guest bath services, and commercial bathroom services.

Are You Building A New Bathroom?

If you are building a new house or a new bathroom, you can trust us to provide the best bathroom services. We will walk with you through the design process and help you choose the best designs and colors for your bath. Our experts will make sure that they implement your ideas and actualize your vision.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services

Is your bathroom old and needs a new face? At Fresh Page Home Improvement, we are dedicated to providing the best bathroom remodeling services. We have experts who have transformed many old bathrooms to modern dreams. All you need is to give us a call and we will take you through what you need to do. 

Work With Professionals

To ensure that our clients get the best bathroom redesign and remodeling services, we only work with highly trained and experienced professionals. These are experts who have worked on different types of bathrooms and gained the experience they need to handle your bathroom professionally. They will handle your bathroom project and leave the space spotless clean.

High Quality Materials

We only believe in professional services and this is why our craftsmanship is complemented by high quality materials and fittings. Since the bathroom is a room that handles traffic and moisture, it needs proper workmanship that will help protect it. This is what we only trust high quality materials that will stand the test of time, moisture and heavy traffic. All the fitting we use are from professional manufacturers and have been tested for quality and durability. These materials and fittings not only give your bathroom a new face, but also make sure you are not forced into repairs any time soon.

Licensed and Insured

Working with us gives you access to bathroom repair services, bathroom design services, and bathroom remodeling services that are handled according to local and state regulations. This is for your safety and the reason why we are licensed. Constructions can result in damages sometimes. Our experts are always careful and will take care of your property when working on your bathroom. However, in case of any damages there is no need to worry since we are insured.

Call Us Today For The Best Bathroom Design And Bathroom Remodeling Services

We are ready to give you an estimate for your new bathroom design, your bathroom repair, and your bathroom remodeling project. We value our clients and will work until you are satisfied. All you have to do is give us a call and talk to our experts about your bathroom project.

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