Expert Paver Brick Installation in Niles, IL – Old World Brick Paving

Welcome to Old World Brick Paving, your go-to expert for paver brick installation in Niles, IL. With years of experience and a dedicated team of skilled professionals, we take pride in transforming outdoor spaces into captivating landscapes that stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking to enhance your driveway, patio, or walkway, our top-notch services ensure a seamless and long-lasting solution for all your paving needs.

Why Choose Old World Brick Paving?

  1. Unmatched Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have honed their skills in paver brick installation through numerous successful projects. We understand the intricacies of working with various brick types and possess the expertise to create stunning designs that complement your property’s aesthetics.
  2. Quality Materials: At Old World Brick Paving, we believe in using only the finest quality materials for every project. Our wide selection of premium paver bricks ensures durability, resilience to harsh weather conditions, and an enduring appeal that will enhance the value of your property.
  3. Customized Designs: We recognize that each property is unique, and our approach to paver brick installation reflects this understanding. Our design experts work closely with you to create customized layouts that reflect your style, preferences, and budget while maximizing the potential of your outdoor space.

Our Paver Brick Installation Services:

  1. Driveway Paving: Transform your driveway into a striking entryway with our driveway paving services. From classic patterns to intricate designs, we have the expertise to create a lasting first impression that complements your home’s architecture.
  2. Patio Installation: Unwind and entertain in style with a professionally installed patio. Our team will meticulously plan and execute your patio project, ensuring a smooth surface that serves as an inviting outdoor retreat for your family and guests.
  3. Walkway Designs: Enhance the accessibility and charm of your property with our elegant walkway designs. Whether it’s a meandering path through your garden or a direct route to your entrance, we’ll create a walkway that marries form and function flawlessly.
  4. Repair and Restoration: If your existing paver brick surfaces have seen better days, don’t worry. Our experts can assess the condition of your paved areas and recommend cost-effective repair and restoration solutions to bring back their former glory.

Why Invest in Paver Brick Installation?

  1. Aesthetics: Paver brick installation adds an element of timeless beauty to your property. The various patterns, colors, and textures available allow for endless design possibilities, ensuring your outdoor space stands out and leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Durability: Paver bricks are known for their exceptional durability. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicle loads, and harsh weather conditions without losing their appeal, making them a long-lasting investment.
  3. Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional concrete surfaces, paver bricks require minimal maintenance. In case of damage, individual bricks can be easily replaced, ensuring cost-effective repairs over time.


Old World Brick Paving is your trusted partner for paver brick installation in Niles, IL. With our unwavering commitment to quality, personalized designs, and unmatched expertise, we guarantee a flawless installation that will elevate the aesthetics and value of your property. Contact us today to discuss your project and bring your outdoor vision to life.